Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa

Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa is located in the heart of Debrecen’s Grandforest, just a few steps away from the Stadium, within a dome hall with the diameter of 66 meters. The rich tropical flora and the adventure elements of the unique establishment brings the summer into the heart of spa guests every single day of the year. The smallest children can enjoy the special chlorine-free baby pool, the older ones may have fun in the children pool and the outdoor and indoor playrooms. Adventure elements: 12 slides, climbing wall, waterball, hot tubs, cave baths, water course ride, geyser, kneading showers, mushroom-shaped and neck showers.

Grandforest Stadium

Grandforest Stadium, a new multifunctional stadium with 20 000 seats, is located at Grandforest.

Debrecen Main Square

The historic city center of Debrecen has been almost completely renovated and reestablished as a pedestrian zone during the last few years. Every single square mile of it provides an incredible amount of cultural history related sights and attractions: colorful buildings of different artistic styles, monuments, traditional and modern museums and galleries. Alongside the cultural experiences, splashy fountains and a countless amount of terraces, coffeehouses, bars and restaurants are waiting for guests seeking recreation.

Great Church

Debrecen, referred to as the “Calvinist Rome”, is the center of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The largest reformed church of the country, the Great Reformed Church is located at the main square of the city. The church has become truly great, and not only because of having such a size, but also because of having an important role over the course of the history of Hungary: during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Governor Lajos Kossuth declared the dethronement of the House of Habsburg and thus the independence of Hungarian people here.

Déri Museum

The collection of Frigyes Déri has very important cultural history aspects. He awarded it to the state of Hungary at 18 October 1920, provided that a museum shall be established in Debrecen in order to present it. The most valuable piece of art of Déri Museum is the monumental Trilogy of the Christ (Christ in front of Pilate, Golgotha, Ecce homo), painted by Mihály Munkácsy, a Hungarian painter of the 19th century with considerable reputation. Currently Ecce Homo and Christ in front of Pilate can be visited. The building of the Baroque Revival, alongside the statues of Ferenc Medgyessy in front of it, is an ornament of the city center of Debrecen.

Memorial Garden

The Monument of Galley Slaves, the Statue of Bocskai, and the exhibition room and coffeehouse of Ruin Garden are located in the garden between the Great Church and the Reformed College of Debrecen. The National Historical Site Column was erected in 2013 in the Memorial Garden in order to represent the historical role of the Great Church.

Reformed College

The Reformed College is the oldest educational institute of the country, has been operating for 475 years. The school is the cradle of cívis culture (traditional citizens of Debrecen) based on Calvinism, and alma mater of the most outstanding characters of the country’s literature and history. Even the National Assembly of Hungary gathered here two times. The Reformed College has been declared as a National Historical Site in 2013. The museum of the College presents the history of the school, the way students lived there and the art of the Reformed Church of Tiszántúl. The greatest and most beautiful church library of the country and the Oratory, where the National Assembly of 1849 gathered, are also located here.

MODEM - Center of Modern and Contemporary Arts

MODEM, one of Central Europe’s most recent centers of modern and contemporary arts, is located in building complex Kölcsey Center. It attracts guest enjoying high-standard exhibitions of fine arts and exciting programs of related arts.