Rules of the Wellness department


Wellness centre opening hours


Wellness centre is open every day, during the year.

  • 7:00-13:00 
  • 15:00-21:00 (Pool and sauna closing at 20:45) (every day of the week)


Rules for guests


  • the wellness facilities are available to guests at their own risk only (every person under the age of 18 should be under the supervision of an adult)
  • the area cannot be visited by people with infectious diseases, skin-diseases; also, cannot be visited by persons under the influence of alcohol or treatment/medical-treatment and persons affected by medication or drugs
  • import of animals is forbidden regarding onto the entire territory of the wellness-department
  • the visitors should wear a shoe bag (which is provided) and it must be worn in the entire territory of wellness
  • using the wellness-department as a guest, persons have to wear slippers or other compliant footwear (which is provided)


Options for entry:

  • hotel guests can use their own room key card to access the wellness department. This cost is included in the price; except the solarium which is available for a separate fee.
  • non-hotel guests should advise their needs with the wellness-receptionist in advance, because their arrival must fit accordingly to the actual occupation of the wellness-department
    The daily-tickets can be purchased at the hotel reception for 2500 HUF; season-tickets can be purchased as well, which regard to the actual time-period; the according discounts will be advised by the receptionist.


Other rules

  • smoking is forbidden throughout the whole department
  • food consumption is not permitted
  • beverage consumption is permitted, but only from plastic bottles or cups
  • the wellness-department has gender-separated restrooms and dress rooms, which are free to us
  • the dress rooms have key-protected lockers, and they also offer value-deposit possibility as well
  • the dress rooms’ capacity is 18 persons
  • throughout the whole wellness-department, there are an appropriate number of trash-bins placed out, which the guests are ought to use
  • the first-aid kit is located at the wellness-reception, which is indicated with a pictogram as well
  • the employee has to provide the necessary first-aid for the guest, which has to be recorded into the log-book. The receptionist has to call for ambulance if necessary.


Conventions regarding the pool-usage:

  • during the whole wellness-area, usage of the showers is obligatory before entering the pools; the receptionist is advising the guests about this matter, as the placed out indicators are showing the importance of this regulation as well
  • bathing-suit/swimming-suit wearing is obligatory for every guest


  • footbath is located before the stairs of the swimming-pool, and its usage is obligatory in every case
  • the counter-current jet can be turned on/off as per request


  • it can be used only for cooling down the warmed body after sauna-usage


  • equipped with bubble-bath and massage-functions, it can be used up to 4 persons at a time



  • entering the “Finnish-sauna” is allowed only after accepting its ‘terms of usage” (which is next to its entrance) and those written in it has to be followed accordingly (regarding the usage of the Finnish-sauna)



  • located next to the Infra-sauna, and is a standing model, which can be operated by token-money (it is purchasable at the wellness-reception). This service is not covered by the price of the room and its actual price is advised by the receptionist, if asked. One token provides 3 minutes of Solarium-usage.


Fitness machine (usage)

  • located on the right of the Wellness-department, right in front of the reception (3 fittness machines)
  • usage is free
  • can be used only if the guest is having towels and wearing trainers (shoes)
  • the machines can be used only with a dry body


Other services:

  • at the Wellness-reception the guests can get information about the actual events, hotel-regulations; also, then can get help in solving miscellaneous problems
  • the sunbather-terrace is located right in the Wellness-department area, which can be used by the guests on-demand; wearing shoes is obligatory in order to keep hygiene and cleanliness of the area.
  • guest can read daily papers and magazines, which are provided by the receptionist.


In case of non-compliance with the Policy, the Management reserves the right to refuse usage of the wellness department.


The Management of th Hotel Lycium****