Guest information from 3rd of May

Dear Guests!

Currently we provide our services on the basis of the relevant Government Decrees no 194/2001 (26 April), 264/2021 (21 May) and 266/2021 (21 May) based on the following main rules:


  1. Receiving guests


  1. Guests arriving for business, economic and educational purposes can be received without immunity certificate as well. In this case, upon arrival, guests at the reception shall complete and sign the business declaration stipulated by law. Guests having immunity certificate and arriving for business, economic and educational purposes do not need to complete the business declaration.    
  2. Guests arriving for recreational purpose may receive hotel, restaurant and wellness services only after showing their immunity certificate.
    In addition to the immunity certificate, a photographed ID card shall be presented for identification, which may be a personal identification card, a passport or a driving license according to law.

  3. Guests under 18 are allowed to stay in the territory of the hotel and to use services only accompanied by an adult having immunity certificate. If the age below 18 is unambiguous, it is not necessary to be checked, however, if not, the age shall be certified by a photographed certificate, which may be a personal identification card, a passport or a driving license according to law.

  4. Underage guest may come with an overage foreign guest for business purposes, if this overage guests declares in the business declaration that he/she is the legal representative of the underage guest and he/she is unable to perform the supervision of the child in any other ways.

  5. Foreign immunity certificates can be accepted from the guests arriving from the countries listed in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Decree on the Mutual Recognition of Immunity Certificates. This Decree is available on the websites

          Admission for foreign guests is possible by presenting the immunity certificates accepted by Hungary for citizens of the following countries: 

  1. Romania (>>>certificate sample)
  2. Slovakia (>>>certificate sample)
  3. Czech Republic (>>>certificate sample)
  4. Turkey (>>>certificate sample)
  5. Slovenia (>>>certificate sample)
  6. Republic of Serbia (>>>certificate sample)
  7. Croatia (>>>certificate sample)
  8. Montenegro (>>>certificate sample)
  9. Republic of North Macedonia (>>>certificate sample)
  10. Bahrain (>>>certificate sample)
  11. Georgia (>>>certificate sample)
  12. Mongolia (>>>certificate sample)
  13. Alban (>>>certificate sample)
  14. Ciprus (>>>certificate sample)
  15. Marokko (>>>certificate sample)
  16. Ukraine (>>>certificate sample)


  1. Stay of the guests within the hotel


  1. In the hall, guests can stay without restrictions and without showing the immunity certificate.
  2. In the terrace of the drink bar, guests can stay without restrictions, i.e. without showing the immunity certificate.
  3. In the area of the drink bar and the restaurant:

- Business guests can stay here even without immunity certificate

- Leisure guests can stay here only with immunity certificate

- People under 18 can stay here and use any services only with an adult having immunity certificate

- Any people who are not the guests of the hotel can stay here only by showing immunity certificate.

  1. Wellness department
    Only people with immunity certificate may stay here and it shall be valid for business guests as well. 


  1. Immunity certificate

Pursuant to this decree, the Hungarian immunity certificates and the foreign immunity certificates of the countries listed in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Decree on the Mutual Recognition of Immunity Certificates shall be accepted. This Decree is available on the websites or Immunity certificate shall be valid only with a photographed identity card which can be personal identification card, driving license or passport. There are 2 Hungarian immunity certificates: one of them contains a date of expiry and the other does not. If there is a date of expiry on the immunity certificate, it shall also be checked. Immunity certificates can be accepted via an application as well. 

  1. Use of masks - guests


  1. Guests having immunity certificate do not need to wear mask

in the whole area of the hotel (restaurant, drink bar, wellness), however, if you would like to wear it, you can wear it.

  1. Business guests not having immunity certificate shall use a mask in the area of the hotel.
  2. In the terrace of the drink bar, masks are not necessary.


  1. Use of masks - personnel


In spite of the high vaccination rate, to ensure the maximum security, every employee of our hotel shall wear a mask during serving the guests.


  1. Events
  1. Business events, exhibitions, fairs, conferences and the events in the category “other events” can be held indoors, independently of the number of participants, in possession of immunity certificate.
  2. Private events can be held with at most 50 participants and weddings can be held with at most 200 participants. If the event is held separated from the other guests, guests may take part even without immunity certificate, however, these guests shall leave the venue after the event, unless these guests stay in the hotel lawfully (with business purpose).  
  3. The participation in an event with music and dance is allowed only with immunity certificate.


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


 Our detailed Hygiene and Safety Covid-19 Protocol can be downloaded here.


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