Bar Menu


Caesar Salad with poultry meat 
Greek salad with feta cheese  
Poularde-salad with cereal, green apple and yogurt dressing 
Hamburger with beef meat, bacon and fries
Chicken club with vegetables and fries
Goat cheese baked with courgettes served in a Panini filled with aubergine cream, with deep fried onion rings
Camembert with Japanese crumbles, served with Sichuan vegetables
Pastry swag filled with cream and ham, served with fried rocket leaves
Debrecen-style sausages with Dijon mustard
Chicken bites seasoned with garlic, baked with pepperonis
Mushroom in cream-and-bacon sauce 
Aubergine cream with vegetables

Category II

There is an 10% service charge added to the cost of food and drinks.

Have a nice time and enjoy your meal!

 Molnár László

F&B manager

Breitenbach Rezső


 Szerdi Zsuzsanna

hotel director