A'la carte offer
Cold starters
Zakuscă with early season vegetables and Catalan baguette  1800 HUF                                            
Grilled vegetable salad with sesame seed covered poularde bites and Parmesan cheese 1800 HUF                         
Cold goose liver slices with green apple – cereal salad 2800 HUF                                          
Asparagus cream soup with smoked salmon and potato haché   1450 HUF                                       
Cold tea soup with season’s fruits and ‘ile flottants’ ice cream   950 HUF                           
Bouillon with rooster meat ‘Hajdúság’-style, with grated noodles  1050 HUF                                
Camembert with Japanese crumbles, served with Sichuan vegetables 1400 HUF
Pastry swag filled with cream and ham, served with fried rocket leaves 1390 HUF
Debrecen-style sausages with Dijon mustard 1300 HUF
Main courses

Chicken mignon Dijon-style with broccoli ragout and gratinated Jerusalem artichokes 2650 HUF

Chicken enchilada with avocado cream and jalapeno pepper 2100 HUF

Deep fried turkey breast stuffed with goat cheese and domestic ham in a multicolour crumb with spicy round potato slices and caramelized pear   2500 HUF                                                                       

Roasted duck breast Provence-style served with poppy seed seasoned carrots and domestic potato casserole 3500 HUF

Roasted zander with red pesto and herbed butter, served with vegetables and fried mushrooms 3200 HUF

Roasted salmon with cockles and pappardelle  3200 HUF                                                      

Bacon rolled tenderloin steak served with mozzarella and tomato stuffed gnocchi and roasted, peppered corn 4550 HUF       

Tenderloin risotto with roasted onions    4400 HUF                                                    

Grilled camembert with fruit compote and vegetable stuffed spring-roll  2250 HUF
Domestic tastes

Smoked catfish carpaccio with yoghurt-celeriac salad and domestic potato crisps 2250 HUF

Smoked chicken goulash with stew, vegetables and home-made noodles  1250 HUF       

Pork medallions stuffed with goose liver, served with sour-cream mushroom ragout and egg-noodles 2950 HUF

Mangalica pork cutlet in a smoked cheese blanket with roasted potatoes and cold ‘lecso’ 3700 HUF


Pistachio flavoured crème brulée with grilled fruits 1200 HUF

Chocolate cake with lyophilized raspberries 1150 HUF

Caramel cake with pear served with figs in a citrus marinade 1500 HUF    

Category II

There is an 10% service charge added to the cost of food and drinks.

Have a nice time and enjoy your meal!

Molnár László

F&B manager

Breitenbach Rezső


Szerdi Zsuzsanna

hotel director